Get the equipment you need without impacting your cash position

Asset Finance is an intelligent way to fund the essential items your business needs.  It gives you the flexibility to purchase the equipment you need with affordable repayments, instead of a large upfront cost, helping you to manage your cash flow and grow your business efficiently.

We offer the two most popular types of Asset Finance:

  • Hire Purchase allows you to own the asset outright at the end of the term
  • Leasing lets you use the latest equipment for a monthly fee without the commitment of ownership

We also enable you to refinance your existing assets, whether you own them outright or they are funded by another provider.

How are we different?

Whether you are new to Asset Finance, or are already using it through another provider, you’ll find our approach refreshingly different to other funders.  We take the time to understand your business and can structure your repayments to reflect your specific needs.  Whether you use Hire Purchase or Leasing, the benefits are the same when you use our services.

  • Soft starts with lower initial payments which means you only pay for the asset when it is earning revenue for you
  • Low deposits and deferment of VAT payments to help preserve your cash reserves for other uses
  • Payment holidays to help your cash flow during quieter periods when your equipment is not earning
  • Pre-agreed and guaranteed early settlement charges allowing you to budget for any unexpected changes in your circumstances (such as a contract ending early) and avoid any excessive financial penalties.

Is your business suitable for Asset Finance?

  • Yes: want to spread the cost of buying new equipment
  • Yes: are an established business and can demonstrate that the repayments are affordable
  • Yes: already have assets or need to purchase new ones but need to minimise the impact on your cash flow
  • Yes: If you’d like to structure payments to suit your cash flow


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