We work with specialist partners who are experts in helping Limited Companies that are in arrears with HMRC whether it is VAT, PAYE, Corporation Tax or CIS payments or that are having other issues with HMRC such as investigations, field force visits, security notice requests or threat of winding up. We also help Limited Companies that have a temporary cash flow problem.

  •  Are you in arrears with your VAT, PAYE, Corporation Tax or CIS payments?
  •  Will you struggle to pay your next VAT, PAYE, Corporation Tax or CIS payment?
  •  Are you currently in a time to pay arrangement with HMRC that you can’t keep up with?
  •  Have you recently received a visit from HMRC field force and they are threatening to seize your assets under the Taking Control of Goods process?
  • Have you recently received a security notice request from HMRC asking you to pay a security bond
  •  Are you currently involved in a HMRC investigation or inspection?
  • Have you received a warning of winding up or a winding up petition?

If yes to any of the above we can help.

Over the years our specialists have helped businesses in many different ways. During this time we became experts at dealing with HMRC and assisting Limited Companies that are either in arrears with HMRC, whether it is VAT, PAYE, Corporation Tax or CIS payments, or having some issues with HMRC. This is now a successful area of our business. Dealing with HMRC on a daily basis we have  direct lines to many senior people within many different departments of HMRC with whom we have a very good relationship.

We know intimately how HMRC operate, what their processes are and what they can and cannot do. Dealing with HMRC can often be daunting and very time consuming if you are not familiar with their different departments, processes and powers.

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