You might need finance to develop new products or services, or to buy equipment that will improve your business. Or simply to get you over a cash-flow hump.

Whatever your plans for the money, you can take out a loan with us for up to 24 months – for any amount from £50,000 to £3 million.

Business Finance

Business Finance could be for you if your business has assets, but less cash than you’d like. You pay interest monthly, but there’s no capital repayment. At the end of the term you can pay off the loan or renew it under a fresh agreement.

Funds ready when you need them – pay only for what you borrow

You can use your loan like an overdraft. The facility’s there, but you borrow only what you need. And, of course, you pay interest on just the amount you borrow. It’s like dealing with a bank but without the red tape, delays and underwriting restrictions.

What we need from you

Naturally, we need to know you can afford your monthly interest payments, and be satisfied there’s adequate security to cover the loan. But we’re flexible about the security we’ll accept. It could be business assets, such as buildings, machinery or stock. Or even personal assets – for example, if a director of your business has investment properties.

Invoice Finance Plus

You’ve done the work or supplied the goods. You know your invoices will be paid, but you also know payment will take time – and you’re too busy to keep chasing it up. With Invoice Finance Plus, you get the money you’re owed faster, so you can keep your business moving.

More than traditional invoice finance

As well as releasing the money that’s tied up in unpaid invoices, we can look at your company’s other assets. So if you need to borrow more, we can lend you more – on a short, medium or long-term basis. It’s all part of our flexible approach to finance.

We see beyond the restrictions imposed by traditional invoice finance providers, and take the time to find out what your assets are really worth. Then we offer finance based on this true value, securing the loan on more than outstanding invoices. All we ask is some level of guarantee, depending on the situation.

Trade Finance

If your business is buying and selling, there might be times when you make a sale and need to pay for the goods straight away – or at least before your customer pays you. You want to be sure you can deliver the order, so you need to keep your supplier happy.

Whether you’re importing products or sourcing them locally, we can pay your supplier for you. And then you pay back when your customer’s money comes through.  Trade Finance is as simple as that.

Treating every transaction individually

As with all the funding we offer, we take a flexible approach to Trade Finance. We don’t look just at what your business is worth. We look at the strength and value of the transaction you need help with. If it’s based on a firm purchase order from a creditworthy customer, we’re happy to go ahead – especially if the order is going to grow your business.

Our only conditions are that the goods are pre-sold, non-perishable and don’t need enhancing or converting in anyway. Your trading margin must be at least 15%, and we ask that you pay back within 120 days.

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