Our Values

What distinguishes GMS Capital and its specialist partners over other finance brokers, is our ability to balance the needs of the lender and the borrower. To create a deal that works for everyone is a complex creation. It requires a firm that is strategic in its thinking, transparent in its communication, and highly connected in order to get the deal that wins for everyone.
What separates GMS Capital and its partners from other brokers is that we understand that every deal requires an element of skill, craft and art. We are not selling financial packages off a shelf. Every deal is unique. We get to the heart of understanding the requirements of the borrower and the lender and then we are creative in our structuring to construct a deal that works for all involved. To do this requires a brokerage that is willing to think outside the box, be imaginative in how to make it work and create a seamless process that gets a result as quickly as possible.

Development Finance

Development funding can be for new builds – whether a single house, a multiple unit house project or for apartment blocks. It can also be used for conversions of property such as commercial to residential under permitted development rights or from larger single unit residential properties into HMOs or individual flats.

This type of lending is assessed on a case by case basis and no two applications are treated the same. Funding can be by way of senior debt finance, stretched senior finance or in a combination with mezzanine finance and/or equity finance. Our bespoke service ensures that we will find the right financial structure for the client profile, property location and scheme details.

Investment Finance

These can be single assets or portfolios and lending is generally up to 75% loan-to-value, but each specific case will depend upon the property type, property location and tenancy type. There are a wide range of lenders that operate in this sector and we will match your requirements on pricing, gearing, repayment type and loan term.

Short Term Finance

These could be properties in need of renovation, properties that require planning approval or vacant properties awaiting new tenancies. Lending is available up to 75% loan-to-value but like so many of our transactions, the full details are assessed on a case by case basis.
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